Modern fortune telling, courtesy of social media

Modern fortune telling, courtesy of social media

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I can barely go anywhere without having Facebook encourage me to “like” or “check in” to places, like the coffee shop I’m driving through on my way to work. Sure, our constant and active engagement in social media allows us to stay connected with friends and family across the globe, and perhaps there are people who need to know that today was a “venti americano” type of morning as I hit the #powellstarbucks. But what happens when this innocent engagement begins to provide metadata on our habits?

Jack Vale demonstrates just how powerful this use (or abuse) of the internet is, in “Social Media Experiment #JESUS.” Using hashtags and photos, Jack was able to find a profile for a passerby and “guess” facts about his life, while posing as a “modern day fortune teller.”

To be perfectly candid, it creeps me out.

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